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 Helios Highlighter - Digital
£0.61 excl. VAT
(£0.73 inc. VAT) 
Bergman Full Colour Highlighter Pen
£0.59 excl. VAT
(£0.71 inc. VAT) 
BG Datafrost Highlighter
£0.34 excl. VAT
(£0.41 inc. VAT) 
BIC Brite Liner Grip Highlighter
£0.59 excl. VAT
(£0.71 inc. VAT) 
Clover Wax Highlighter
Express dispatch: 3 days
Clover Wax Highlighter PP-WE22
£1.06 excl. VAT
(£1.27 inc. VAT) 
Helios Highlighter
£0.54 excl. VAT
(£0.65 inc. VAT) 
Highlighter Desktop Pot
£1.36 excl. VAT
(£1.63 inc. VAT) 
Triangular Highlighter
£0.33 excl. VAT
(£0.40 inc. VAT) 
Triangular Highlighter - Digital
Express dispatch: 1 day
Triangular Highlighter - Digital PP-WE01F
£0.56 excl. VAT
(£0.67 inc. VAT) 
Wax Crayon Highlighter Set
£1.14 excl. VAT
(£1.37 inc. VAT) 
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