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Advice about ... the things to be careful of when choosing promotional clothing

When you've been delivering branded clothing and gifts for as long as we have, you learn a thing or two ...

Colours and costs

For some of the production processes, the choice that you make regarding the number of colours used can affect the cost considerably. This is especially true of heat transfers and screen printing. Quite often an acceptable logo/image can be achieved using two or three colours as opposed to four.
We can advise.

Cheap isn't always cheerful

Sometimes opting for a lower cost brand of item can result in a poor perception by the recipients, thus defeating the objective that you have for creating the items in the first place. This can be especially difficult to manage if you are simply choosing items from a catalogue where it is hard to be clear which would best suit your requirement.
We have the experience and can advise or arrange for samples.

Expectation of colour matching

The production processes used to transfer images onto garments of gift items are not always 'perfect' from a colour perspective. This means that you will need to allow a level of tolerance in your colour matching expectation. If a precise colour match is important to your use of an item, then we can advise on which production process would be best and what colour background to use (i.e. the colour of the garment or gift itself).

Garment fabric selection

Some combinations of garment fabric and production processes don't work well together, such as nylon doesn't take screen printing well and dye-sublimation only works with polyester. Equally, embroidering on a waterproof fabric would break the waterproof sealing, or embroidering a long line of large letters across the shoulder of a polo-shirt may cause it to pucker badly.
Once again we can advise, just ask.

Too much detail

Some logos/images require fine definition of shapes, lines or colours when printed on paper or displayed on a website. These don't always come up well on garments or gifts. On garments, the granularity of the weave of the fabric can affect how well a screen printed image will appear. On gifts, there is often only a very restricted area where the logo/image can be applied, thus images with small writing (those including a web site address perhaps) might come out virtually unreadable.
We can offer advise on how to have your desired logo/image best displayed on your choice of garment or gift.

Low-cost t-shirts are wonderful, but...

T-shirts can be sourced for remarkably low prices nowadays, but the old adage of 'you pays your money, you takes your choice' still applies. If you are planning a one-off fun event then low-cost t-shirts can be the ideal choice, but for anything that requires more durability you'd be better looking at t-shirts made from more substantial fabric. This is especially true if you want to go to the expense of embroidering the logo/image - doing this on a low-cost t-shirt will not give you the effect that you are after.
As always, we can advise.

Our advice is always honest and freely given. Just ask.

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