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T King AssociatesHow to Buy Corporate Gifts and Personalised Clothing

Advice about ... the best way to buy promotional clothing and gifts

Our desire to help our customers get what they want from their branded clothing and gifts doesn't just cover getting the artwork correct. We are very aware that a number of customers aren't 'professional' branded-goods buyers and need help to navigate the whole of the decision making process. That's why we've come up with a simple 1-2-3 of how to get the best from branded clothing and gifts.

Our advice is always honest and freely given. Just ask.

1. Define the purpose and volume

The start point of the process is to clearly decide on the purpose of the branded items. This will heavily sway what choices you make later.

For example, if you want a small number of fun clothing items for a one-off social event (a hen night, say), then you'd probably go for a low cost material and a low-cost production process - such as t-shirts using the heat transfer process.

Whereas, if you were planning to give away corporate clothing at a prestigious company event, then you might opt for quality polo-shirts or fleeces that have been embroidered with the company or event logo.

Similarly, when choosing branded gifts choosing the level of usage will help determine the type and quality of the item and which process you might use to brand them.

Finally you'll need to decide how many of the items you plan to have produced.

Key things to consider

  1. what level of re-use will the item have - once only, occasionally, often, continuously
  2. how many of item are required - below 20, 21-100, more than 100
  3. what impact should the item have on the recipient - fun, functional, impressive, wow factor

2. Set the budget and timeframe

Setting the total budget at this point helps us help you sooner. Clearly the size of the budget will determine the choice of item/materials as well the production process selection.

The 'trick' in getting the best value for the budget is having the knowledge to 'trade-off' materials against production processes and still deliver the volume of items that match the stated purpose. We have that knowledge and can advise you of all of the options to meet your purpose within the budget set, along with their individual pros and cons. That way you are making an informed choice.

With regard to timeframe - we deliver the bulk of our orders within two weeks of their placement across all of our product offers. Occasionally what is requested can take longer. In these cases we will always tell you before you order.

But sometimes arrangements change beyond your control and you need the items sooner than in two weeks. Don't worry - we will accommodate you as best as we can. That's why we have a range of production equipment in-house. It gives us the flexibility to meet your exceptional needs.

However, the rule of thumb here is that it is always best to plan as far ahead as you can, talk through what you're after with us and then leave enough time for the items to be produced and delivered.

Key things to consider

  1. is the budget realistic for the defined volume and purpose of your items - if in doubt ask us, we'll be able to point you in the right direction.
  2. raising the volume ordered can reduce the unit cost - but this often only works at specific breakpoints. Talk to us and we can tell you where the breakpoints are so that you make the best value decision.
  3. have you left enough of a lead time - we might need up to two weeks to get an order delivered.

3. Choose the item, material, production process and delivery logistics

Once you know the purpose, the budget and the timeframe, choosing the items/materials, production process and delivery method becomes much easier.

Sometimes a restricted budget makes the choice one of one!. But most times there is a real choice to make. To help, you can browse our online catalogue or we'll send you a printed one. And once again our extensive experience is at your disposal to help you understand fully what you are choosing between. Just ask.

We can give you advice on working with colour combinations for maximum effect, garment sizing (individual or batch mixing) as well as the different durability characteristics of the different materials and production processes available.

We can even help you solve the ultimate problem - I'm looking for something a bit different ...

Finally, we can work with you to decide on the best delivery logistics for you. This is especially important if the items are to be delivered to multiple locations or abroad.

Key things to consider

  1. there are often many choices of manufacturer for any item. You may have a brand name in mind, but if not chat through your plans with us and we can advise on the best value for money choice.
  2. different production processes work better with different materials. Ask us for advice and we can help steer you through the maze of options.
  3. planning the logistics early for how you'll get the items to the recipients will save a lot of time and grief later ... trust us on this!

Our advice is always honest and freely given. Just ask.

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