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Advice about ... our policy for supplying samples?

Some of our competitors restrict the supply of samples to their potential customers.
We don't restrict the supply of samples.

Yes, it does cost us money to source the samples, but how else can you decide if the item you're looking at is the right one for your need or not?

Pre-Order Samples

So we've got a simple samples policy whilst the customer is making up their mind.

  • We'll supply samples, against reasonable requests, to potential customers without asking for a deposit or other financial payment.
  • If the samples are returned in good condition within 30 days then there is no charge. If they are returned marked or damaged or later than 30 days we will invoice for the full price of the item (or items).
  • Where the value of the item is below 5 (affecting some gifts), as the cost of returning it might exceed its value, then we'll let the potential customer keep it.

Can you say fairer than that?

Pre-Production Samples

We will supply pre-production samples often for free although it is product and colour scheme dependent so there may be a nominal charge where requested. Please be aware though, that this will lengthen the production process and could affect the delivery time.

If you want to have a pre-production sample prior to committing to the full production run, then please let us know as soon as you can so that we can factor that into the delivery time estimate.

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