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Are You On The Ball?

Are You On The Ball?
May 4, 2018 Kirsty

Are You On the Ball?

The UK is about to go into a football frenzy, offering a fantastic way to engage with your customers and put your brand in the spotlight. Here are our top tips to ensure your campaigns score big this summer.

Get in the Spirit

Encourage your clients to join in with the atmosphere and show off their team colours on match day. You could also provide your clients a celebratory prize if England win (we’ve got our fingers crossed in the office) or even something to cheer them up if they lose.

It’s all about engaging with your customer base on the events that matter most to them.





Nation Cap        Nation Beanie    Printed Feather Flag       Printed  Banner Flag     High Five Hand Clapper


Provide a Direct Mail Gift

Here at T King Towers, we like receiving goodies in the post, no one does it anymore and it makes us feel special. Small items sent in the mail can have a great impact.  How about a voucher for a selection of drinks, alongside a branded bottle opener which can be used on match days throughout the season and beyond?

  Bottle Opener Coaster with printed logo

Stress Football With Printed Logo

Printed Handy Keyring with Waterproof Poncho


Keep Your Clients Happy and Healthy – Whatever the Weather

In the highly unpredictable British summer you can support dedicated football fans whatever the weather, with our range of water bottles, sunglasses, rain ponchos and much more. We can even supply rescue kits for those who have overdone the celebrations the night before.

For those heading to Russia, typical temperatures in the warmer months of June and July usually sit around 23 °C, but can reach up to 30 °C. Therefore your clients are sure to appreciate a USB fan or drinks cooler. Small enough to pop in hand luggage- they will remain useful from the plane to pitch.   

  Printed Jersey Football Water Bag

  Printed Folding Sunglasses

 Range Care Pods with Customized Label available for travel, hangover and more.

   Printed Phone Fan


Don’t Forget the Kids

Most little boys and indeed many little girls too, will be joining in with the excitement in the build up to kick off this summer. Encourage kids to get some much needed time away from the screen and playing outside – what better way to spend the holidays? We have a range of children’s products to keep children amused this summer and mum and dad will both thank your brand! A range of printing options are available to suit your budget from full colour artwork to a simple logo.

 Football Lollipop with Card Printed in Full Colour

  Wolf Mascott with Personalized Printed T-Shirt

 Football Pencil with Print on Barrell

   Printed Curve Football


Hopefully the ideas above have got you thinking about how your business can utilise our expansive range of promotional possibilities during the football this summer.

Click here to view our full range of football products

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