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Best ideas for goodbye gifts

Best ideas for goodbye gifts
March 14, 2019 T King
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Goodbye Gift

When parting ways with a co-worker or a classmate, it is thoughtful to leave them with a goodbye gift. Presents allow them to feel appreciated and valued and are also a significant way for them to remember you by. Sometimes you just want something more than the basic mug or chocolate, here is some ideas for when you are at a loss!

Personalisation – Any gift you buy will be topped off with a bit of personalisation. You can buy literally anything and make it 10x better by adding inside jokes, pictures, or even just their name. It makes the gift become so much more meaningful and sentimental and the person can see the thought and effort that went into the gift.

Card – Cliche, I know. However, this is the last time to get out everything you have wanted to say. You can make it fun or emotional, but the receiver would love to know how much they mean to you. It is also great for them to look back on and remember the people that they spent a chunk of their life with.

Experience – Instead of worrying about finding a gift that they would appreciate, why not spend a day out with them that they are bound to enjoy. You know them. What would they enjoy? A theme park, hiking, museum, rock climbing or maybe a fancy meal out. Have one last experience together, which both of you will always remember.

Photo frame – Your presence will be with them whenever they look at it. Choose your favourite picture of you both and find a cute frame. It can be put anywhere in the house and is always a nice reminder of the fun times you both had.

Leavers hoodie – Are you all leaving together? Why not try something fun and quirky. Leavers hoodies come in a wide variety of colours, sizes and designs so one will definitely fit your criteria. It provides a feeling of togetherness so wearing them out together shows your friendship is strong!

Notebook – Something cute and different. They can jot down all of their aspirations and dreams and symbolises the fact that you support them in whatever they choose to do. Maybe even get everyone to write a hidden message throughout the book – definitely something that will bring a smile to the receiver’s face!

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