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Branded Company Winter Clothing

Branded Company Winter Clothing
September 27, 2018 T King
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Company Branded Clothing

Keep your employees warm this winter with branded company clothing!

Why not treat your employees this Winter by providing them with some Branded Company Clothing? We offer a range of clothes, hats and beanies which will both compliment and represent your company whilst simultaneously maintaining a feeling of comfort in the cold.

The colder months can be terribly uncomfortable without the appropriate winter clothing. Being wrapped up in warm clothing is ideal, especially during a long commute or whilst working outside.

Our Winter Clothing

T King associates allow you to order personalised winter clothing with your company logo on it. Our winter range includes winter jackets, fleeces, hoodies, long sleeve polo shirts and sweatshirts. Your branding can be embroidered onto these, providing a unique collection of winter clothing relevant to your company.

Making the most of the Winter months to promote your business

Having personalised winter clothing with your company logo on it is ideal as it means that you can maintain a professional and uniformed environment whilst allowing your employees to feel happy and comfortable.

Not only do they allow your staff to feel content; they advertise your company and promote the services you provide. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your employees.

Winter jackets and fleeces are traditional forms of winter clothing. T King will embroider your company logo and branding onto them, adding a fresh twist which represents both your employees and your company. You’re not just keeping warm, you’re promoting your services as well. These are ideal for colder weather and outside work.

Hoodies and sweatshirts are both comfortable and popular. You can advertise your company by allowing T King to embroider your branding and company logo onto them. These are the perfect form of winter clothing when working indoors or outside in moderately cold weather.

Long sleeve polo shirts can be personalised to suit your company. They can be used in a range of months/seasons and during multiple weather conditions. You may wish to pair them with fleeces, a winter jacket, hoodies or with a sweatshirt or wear them on their own: it’s up to you.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t promote your company in the process of having the perfect winter clothing by adding your company logo or branding to our range.

Also see out blog on company branded umbrellas.

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  1. Lisa Meyers 3 months ago

    Personalized winter clothing is a new trend. Aside from branded company that offers this type of clothing, it would be cheaper than the branded one.

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