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Branded Hi Vis Clothing

Branded Hi Vis Clothing
January 9, 2019 T King
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Make sure that your team can be seen with personalised hi vis clothing for your employees to wear. Wearing this is a great way to keep safe and get your company recognised wherever you go.

What is His Vis?

When hi vis is mentioned, you probably think of orange or yellow vests right? Well, Hi vis clothing can range from vests and tops, to hoodies and jackets. It can also come in a variety of colours, not just orange and yellow. Hi Vis can be worn to make workers easily visible in certain environments. An example of this is road workers at night, the clothing helps them to stand out. A lot of work environments such as construction sites require Hi Vis clothing by Health and Safety Regulations.

As you should already know, branding your workwear can bring countless benefits to your company. So, if you’re looking into buying hi vis clothing for your employees, then you’re going to want to think of what information to include on it. You could have your logo and contact details, or maybe a rhetorical question to attract potential customers?

The other benefits

Other benefits to supplying your employees with branded hi vis clothing is that not only does it look professional, it also keeps them warm and if it’s a hot day your workers can wear lightweight vests to keep them cool. It’s important to make that your hi vis clothing is suitable for the job. A good example is warehouse workers who may prefer tighter fitting clothing as it may get caught on boxes or other packaging. Also consider how active your workers are, will they need bigger coats or is that going to make them too hot? These are all factors that you should consider when looking into buying personalised hi vis clothing for your employees.

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