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Christmas Fashion Tips 2018

Christmas Fashion Tips 2018
October 25, 2018 T King
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Make a statement this holiday season with personalised Christmas clothing. 2018 is the year to show your friends and family just how fashionable you can be. Forget all those simple, cheap jumpers from the local shop- it’s 2018 and time to purchase some personalised Christmas fashion!

Here are some top fashion tips for this holiday season:

1. Create your own cheesy jumper.

Cheesy Christmas jumpers- a timeless classic. Show off your creativity with some personalised Christmas clothing this year. You could have a red jumper with a snowman or a green jumper with snow falling around a lonely carrot nose: the choice is yours! This fashion tip is perfect for those wishing to show off their holiday spirit this season.

2. If it’s not a white Christmas… try a t-shirt!

If a white Christmas seems unlikely during 2018, you can take a risk with some cooler Christmas fashion. Perhaps you’re spending the holiday season indoors or, if you’re lucky, on a tropical island: that doesn’t mean you have to ditch the holiday style! Place Santa Claus onto a short-sleeved shirt or Rudolph onto a tank top: if you’re willing to take the risk, you can try some sunny Christmas fashion!

3. Top it off with a hat.

A bobble hat is the perfect addition to your 2018 Christmas fashion collection! It’s stylish, it’s comfortable and perfect for the colder seasons. You could have just a plain red hat or even one covered in snowflakes! It’s up to you. Hats are both comfortable, warm and add a little flair to your outfit! Why not pair one with a Christmas jumper and a pair of gloves?

4. Keep yourself warm with some gloves.

No Christmas fashion is complete without some mittens or some comfortable, warm gloves. It’s impossible to build a snowman or make snow angels if your hands are left vulnerable and frozen! Although they may seem like a simple and useless accessory, they’re both essential to your outfit and comfort.

5. Create a fashion show.

Why not gather some friends and create a 2018 Christmas fashion show together? Purchase them all some cheesy winter jumpers and silly little bobble hats and prepare to walk down the runway. It’ll be both fun and memorable!

6.  Make a statement: try something new.

This Christmas season, why not attempt to start a new fashion trend? You could have a carrot nose on your boots or even on your face! It seems unusual but isn’t unusual all the rage in 2018? There are no limits to what you can do with your fashion statement this year- be creative!

7. Stick to the classics… with a little twist.

Christmas jumpers, gloves, hats and a pair of boots. Although these were all mentioned previously in the list, you could be creative with how you style them or even bring back some old trends! We all know that having a snowman on a jumper is a classic Christmas fashion statement but why not make it 3D? You’re not exactly creating a whole new idea of Christmas fashion 2018 but you are doing something different… whilst sticking to your roots!

Having the best Christmas fashion in 2018 will be a breeze if you have your own personal touch to your fashion statement. Personalising your clothes will allow for a unique and fashionable outfit that will be remembered by many for years to come!

You’ll need to ensure that your outfit is complete for it to be effective- you can’t miss out on the classics but it’s also a good idea to try something new. You could end up starting a new trend this winter season!

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  1. Soha Zain 6 months ago

    Good one, these ideas, especially this cheesy jumper one. I kind of a like it.

  2. Kristen Ruth 6 months ago

    These Christmas Fashion tips are super cool. I am gonna follow them this year.

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