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Digital Printing Process on Clothing and Workwear

CAD Cut and Heat Transfer Printing

Recommended for:

  • Adding individual names to items such as football kits or leavers hoodies
  • Printing nylon and technical garments such as waterproof jackets
  • Items required as off samples, for events or promotional giveaways
  • Umbrellas, bags, tablecloths, flags and much more.
  • Printing logos where bright bold colour is required on a dark background

For lower volume runs of printing, we are able to offer various transfer printing methods to suit your design and project requirements.

Not to be confused with cheap iron on transfer paper which can be bought on the high street, our heat transfer process makes use of a thin opaque plastic film from which shapes are CAD cut to make up an image – a bit like a jigsaw. This film offers bright vivid colour and much better longevity than DIY iron on transfers.

To apply the CAD cut shapes to your clothing we use a specialist heat press, allowing us to deliver a uniform level of heat across a large area. The heat produced by the press causes the ink within the film to transfer onto the surface of the garment, producing your design.


  • Cost effective for very small runs
  • Offers vivid colours
  • Can be used to print a range of effects such as metallic, fluorescent, reflective, flock and so on
  • Cost effective for low volume orders required for one off events or promotional giveaways
  • Can be printed across a range of cotton garments; hoodies, t-shirts and sweatshirts for example.


  • Not as durable as screen print or embroidery personalisation
  • Not viable for large print runs due to set up costs
  • The level of detail within a design can be limited

Dye Sublimation

Recommended for:

  • Polyester garments such as high vis vests, flags and sports clothing
  • Dye sublimation is a specialist process which can be used to print polyester garments alone.
  • It works in a similar way to heat transfer but creates a more permanent image on the fabric.

To achieve this the design is first printed onto a special paper using unique dye sublimation ink and the paper is trimmed and placed onto the garment within a heat press. The heat from the press causes the pores of the fabric to open, allowing the ink to run inside. Once the process has completed and the garment cools down, the ink is effectively trapped within the fabric.

As such the process could be closely compared to that of getting a tattoo, in that the image is placed within the ‘pores’ of the fabric rather than sitting on the surface of the garment.


  • Offers good print longevity after multiple washes with no cracking or loss of definition
  • No extra cost for multiple colours within a design
  • Has a low set up cost so is ideal for short production runs
  • Images can be complex and near photographic quality 


  • Can only be used for polyester clothing
  • Not suitable for larger volume runs, and for order made up of 25 pieces or more screen printing may be more cost effective.
  • Whilst a close match can be used, this process cannot be used to print exact branding colours; if this is required screen printing would be a more effective solution.

We offer free advice on the best customisation method for your project. Just give us a call on 01280 824836 or send us an email to where the friendly team will happily advise on the best printing method for your clothing project.