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Embroidery: Making A Comeback

Embroidery: Making A Comeback
July 4, 2018 T King
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Let’s talk Embroidery

Becoming more and more popular on the high street in 2018, embroidery may have started with your grandmother but let me tell you, fashion does circles and finds a way back into your closet.
Around for years, this trend is still a popular technique used to date. Due to its versatility and smooth and professional finish, embroidery is a popular method for reproducing logos on all kinds of items. Here at T King, we make it easy.

We make use of the latest Tajima Embroidery machines to produce our embroidered clothing and workwear. These machines are able to embroid a logo at a rate of 1000 stitches per minute and can run up to 18 items of clothing at any one time. Achieving an accurate and clean stitch can make even the most intricate logo work well on any garment, from polo shirts to workwear jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, leather and more. We also have specific adapters that let us embroider on what are often considered difficult places, such as cuffs and collars. We can also run with speciality headwear frames therefore baseball caps, beanie hats, and summer hats are all possible with our machines and systems. You can read more about the process here.

Slogan Embroidery

A design trend that is sweeping 2018 and has been for previous years are slogan t-shirts. From Girl Power to inspirational messages, embroidery is sooo on trend. Take risks and experiment with bold type and bright colours yourself. This will add a little more texture and flare to your custom-made clothing. Great for businesses and school uniforms, T King make it easy to embroid your logo or slogan on any chosen apparel.

Slogan Embroidery Slogan Embroidery


Floral Embroidery

Gracing the runway in spring. Beautifully designed floral embroidery is in, so why not get creative. Try designing something for yourself, i.e. custom decretive floral sleeves.

Floral Embroidery Floral Embroidery


Embroidered Jeans

My first glance of embroidery making a comeback was various hearts and floral on a pair of denim jeans. Shops everywhere are now stocking embroidered jeans but if you can custom make your own, you’re onto a winner!

Embroidered Jeans Embroidered Jeans


Get in touch through a friendly call or email here and get started on your custom embroidery t-shirt today!

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