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Professionally Embroidered Workwear and Clothing


We make use of the latest Tajima Embroidery machines to produce our embroidered clothing and workwear. These machines are able to embroider a logo at a rate of 1000 stitches per minute and can run up to 18 items of clothing at any one time, achieving an accurate and clean stitch making even the most intricate logo work well on garments from polo shirts to workwear jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, leather and more.  We also have specific adapters that let us embroider on what are often considered difficult places, such as cuffs and collars.  We can also run with speciality headwear frames therefore baseball caps, beanie hats summer hats are all possible with our embroidery machines and systems.

Your logo or image is digitised by specific advanced embroidery software and we can work from anything from a hand drawing to jpeg and vector based artwork. We are here to help and our design team can interpret your logo or design to suit different types of workwear and clothing. The digitising software converts multi-colour electronic images into a stitch pattern that the embroidery machines can follow. It determines which stitches can be produced with the same coloured thread and the best order in which to embroider them across the whole image. This information is then passed to the embroidery machines.

The embroidery machines will check with the operator that the correct coloured threads are loaded and the operator ‘clamps’ the garments in special frames  that hold the right area tightly under the embroidery  needle so that the design  is embroidered without puckering the fabric. This skilled part of production is still very much a manual process and the embroidery machine operator takes great care to load the garment into the embroidery machine. We have different embroidery frames for varying sizes of embroidered logo, which allow us to embroider anything from a sleeve or left chest logo to a large back design.

Embroidery is recommended for uniforms, headwear, polo shirts, fleeces, jackets, bags, towels, it is especially good where the clothing has to withstand a long lifespan and will be washed and worn during the normal working week. The Rayon thread can withstand 60c wash cycles, so is ideal for overalls used in a garage environment or a waterproof jacket that may be used in logistics companies where a good abrasion resistance is required.  Furthermore, embroidery is the most popular method to apply a company’s logo or design as the finish has a premium feel.


  • Embroidery can be applied to a wide range of fabrics where print cannot such as fleece, towelling, heavy cotton or polyester.
  • Embroidery is very durable and will withstand repeated washing or wear, our Rayon and Polyester threads are colour fast and do not fade or run in the wash cycle over time.
  • Cost effective on designs with multiple colours – Whereas screen printing is charged by the number of colours within a design, embroidery is priced according to the number of stitches required; therefore it is effective for designs that are made up of many colours.
  • Smart Finish – Embroidery is a popular choice for uniform due to the professional finish offered by the process and is ideal for polo shirts, shirts and blouses, sweatshirts and blazers.
  • One off set up – An initial origination set up is required for embroidery; this is then kept on file in definitely, making repeat orders quick and cost effective. Once your logo has been set up on our system we can use this on multiple garments from polo shirts in the summer to fleeces or jackets in the winter, without compromising your design or brand guidelines.