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Goodbye gift – Part of our lives that will be treasured forever

Goodbye gift – Part of our lives that will be treasured forever
March 29, 2019 T King
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It is always great to have something sentimental that when you look at it, all the nostalgia
comes flooding back! It can leave you quite miserable when you leave a place that many
fond memories were created in – somewhere that became a part of your life. But there is
no need to forget all of those fun times any time soon, with a goodbye gift!
Leavers hoodies, keyrings, personalised items, cufflinks. All things perfect to reflect on
and keep memories alive. There are ridiculous amounts to choose from so don’t worry
about finding just the right thing. Gifts could be bought for other people or bought for yourself, either
way they are guaranteed to create a smile! When buying a goodbye gift for yourself, it is normally a great
reminder of a place where you made life-long friends or learnt invaluable lessons. For
fellow co-workers or classmates they could be personalised gifts of inside jokes, names,
pictures – it’s a nice way to show that they will be missed and is something significant to
remember you by.
A personal favourite goodbye gift amongst students completing their final year at school are leavers
hoodies. Leavers hoodies are a trendy purchase that first originated around the 1980s.
They come in any colour, size and design meaning they are customizable and completely
personal. They provide a feeling of togetherness and school spirit which comes back every
time pupils look at it. It is something different so that you and your school mates stand out
but can also be useful for everyday use. Worn at the gym, to bed, on a plane or just out
and about, the comfort of a leavers hoodie will not disappoint. It is meaningful and shows
off your pride for the place where you grew up.
For something so small, leaving gifts holds so many experiences and show huge amounts of
thoughtfulness for someone who receives it. Why not invest in a goodbye gift?

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