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How Does Hi-Vis Work?

How Does Hi-Vis Work?
January 10, 2019 T King
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It’s Winter, it’s freezing, and it gets dark by 4pm sometimes earlier, it could be dangerous for your workers if they don’t have a hi-vis jacket, t-shirt or even vest. If you’re a labour business owner who doesn’t have hi-vis clothing then you definitely should. If you work in the dark, an example would be road workers as they work at night when it’s quieter. It’s beneficial as well as safer. If you’re someone like me you’re curious as to how high-visibility works, I’m here to tell you exactly how they work.

How is Hi-Vis clothing Made?

We know this is a form of protective clothing mainly to be seen by others, the clothing is constructed of fluorescent material with reflective shapes or even tape which is added for extra visibility. With the material it’s made from it’s safe to assume what the purpose of this clothing is. It’s used so people can be seen and essentially keep themselves safer. It can be used for more than to just keep your employees safe at the workplace and it’s not just for nighttime. Here’s a bonus fact, Hi-Vis was actually invented by Bob Switzer. He was recovering from an industrial accident during the 1930s, he created fluorescent paint and created the first piece of high-visibility clothing from his wife’s wedding dress.

How does Hi-Vis actually Work?

As I said these clothes are not only for nighttime, the sun’s ultraviolet rays react to the fluorescent material. This creates that glowing effect however this effect is stronger in minimal lighting. Things such as car headlights bounce off the reflective areas of the hi-vis clothing. Therefore, making it safer to work, travel or even exercise.

What are The Benefits of Using a Hi-Vis Clothing Line?

Well for one and although obvious it should be pointed out and explained, it keeps people a lot safer. During Winter when it’s dark until 8am and gets dark by 4pm there isn’t a lot of light to do what you want. An example would be road workers who have a dangerous job, especially when dark. The fluorescent clothing makes it clear to everyone there is in fact someone there. For example, if one builder is on break with his hi-vis waistcoat it will make it clear he’s a worker. Otherwise he could be mistaken for a member of the public, it also makes working in darkness easier and safer.

Cyclists who do cycle in the road would benefit from wearing a Hi-Vis polo shirt as they’re exercising. This would make it easier for drivers to see the cyclists and therefore slow down making it safer for the cyclist and the drivers have one less thing to worry about on the road.

Lastly it can technically be a uniform. Say you’re a rather new building company and you want a way to be distinctive compared to your competition. You can actually purchase personalised printed Hi-Vis clothing for your employees from TKing, whether it be a waistcoat, hoodie, a simple jacket, fleece or polo shirt. Check out our range by clicking here. Don’t think you have to restrict yourself to the basic colours such as orange or yellow either! You could have a blue waistcoat with your company’s logo. This can make your business pop out and in no time, you’ll be booming with clients!

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