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How Should Your Employees Be Dressed at The Trade Show?

How Should Your Employees Be Dressed at The Trade Show?
December 17, 2018 T King
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You’re a smaller business and you’re planning on going to a trade show, where the big businesses are, and you need to somehow standout? Having your troops sent out looking appropriate is crucial. But this doesn’t mean you send them out in a full blazer, suit and tie if they’re a builder. How should your employees be dressed? We can help you with that.

Manual Worker

If you’re a business that is in retail, fast food, builder, physical education teacher etc. chances are your employees would look ridiculous all suited up. How would should you choose to dress them? It’s simple, for the employees a basic t-shirt with the company’s logo printed on the shirt and pair of smart jeans, no ripped jeans, black would usually be seen as more professional and no patterns, this makes the t-shirt stand out and attracts the wanted attention. These types of outfits will work for those in retail with the businesses that don’t have uniforms of sorts, i.e. Select, it’ll work for plumbing, building, decorating and any physical labour jobs and lastly for P.E teachers could have their school’s logo on a t-shirt with black smart jeans or a black smart skirt. For women make up is usually best kept minimal with no bright colour lips or eye shadow. If they want to wear makeup then they can wear foundation, mascara, small amounts of eyeliner and nude colours, no bright pinks or reds or blues etc.

Mental Worker – Small Companies

These ideas are for those smaller office jobs with a smaller image themselves as a business and how to attract the right attention. I would get a button up shirt again with maybe a small logo of your business or a button up shirt with your businesses image colour, I’d pair the shirt up with smart trousers or smart skirt, no jeans whatsoever and no short skirts, I’d say have pencil skirts just above the knee no longer or shorter as you don’t want to look stupid when representing your business and jeans or short skirts could possibly damage your businesses reputation. Again, with makeup keep it to a minimal, foundation, no dramatic colours as it’s for the office. Possibly a lighter red or pink but no blue or green lips.

Mental Worker – Big Businesses

These ideas are for large businesses and are usually for insurance, banks, or very well-known high-end companies.

For the representatives they should be either suited with a blazer, suit for both men and women with a shirt and tie or a blouse for women. If the company doesn’t have a uniform or if you’re a bank with different employees who have to wear different types of uniform, then we would suggest having one in the most professional uniform and another with their own uniform and it should definitely attract the attention you want. If your business doesn’t have a uniform and they don’t have to wear a suit then  a shirt with the company logo clearly on the shirt works well paired with a blazer or cardigan, smart trousers or a smart skirt. As for makeup it’ll depend on the company, strictly no dramatic makeup as your employees have to be seen as approachable as well as professional. Maybe a lighter lip colour, no bright bold colours or dramatic colours.

We hope this blog has helped you to make up your choice whether to send your employees out in a full suit and tie or if it would be more appropriate to send them out in jeans and a branded t-shirt. I hope you chose the right uniform for you and that your team enjoy their trade show and representing your business.

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