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From our initial beginnings printing promotional t shirts for the building sector back in 1990, we have grown the business substantially using our extensive knowledge producing uniforms and workwear and we now supply a wide range of printed and embroidered clothing to suit various industry sectors.

With a huge choice of clothing available, including leading brands trusted for value and durability such as Russell, Dickies, Gildan, Fruit of the Loom and Regatta, we have the products to suit your project, deadline and budget, just give the team a call on 01280 824836.

Personalised Corporate Clothing

Personalised Hospitality and Catering Clothing

Personalised Construction and Manufacturing Clothing

Printed blue and orange charity tabard
Two pink/black and purple beauty tunics

Personalised Charity Clothing

Personalised Health and Beauty Clothing

Personalised Sports and Fitness Clothing

Plus lots more to suit your project, give us a call on 01280 824836 to discuss your requirements.


Why Order Personalised Workwear?

  • Present a professional company image to your clients
    If your staff, particularly customer facing staff are all wearing different styles and colours of clothing this can present a confused company image. By introducing a modern, fresh uniform you can project a professional image that will improve the confidence in your customers.
  • Provide staff with a sense of identity and ensure they feel part of the team
  • Improve brand awareness, recognition and advertising
    By providing a uniform for your staff, you extend the reach of your branding and business credentials outside the walls of the office or workshop.
  • To meet healthy and safety regulations
    If staff are required to wear safety clothing or PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure this is issued. T King Associates provides a range of affordable hi Vis, safety wear and heavy duty workwear that can be branded to your exact specifications
  • Improve productivity
    When employees are provided with the exact clothing to meet the demands of the job, productivity can be increased. For example embroidered branded coverall will survive better in a workshop environment than the employees own clothing, allowing staff members to get on with the job at hand.
  • Improve identification and authority between staff members
    In larger firms it can be especially helpful for clients and staff members to differentiate between management, staff and different departments with the introduction of specialist uniforms.

Embroidery Vs Printed Workwear

Should I go with embroidery or printing for my work wear? This depends on a number of factors:

Clothing style, purpose and use:
When choosing print or embroidery for your workwear project, consider the final use of the clothing you wish to produce, certain clothing types are better suited to one process over one another. For example when customising jackets or coats that feature a waterproof or coated finish, we would usually recommend printing to maintain the garments main functions of keeping you warm and dry.

As print is more economical to produce at a larger size than the multiple stitches required for embroidery, we would also recommend printed clothing where the overall size of the design needs to be produced at a larger size. For example, when customising high vis clothing worn by construction or event security staff.

However, a tunic or shirt worn within a doctor’s surgery would require a professional and formal finish that reassures and installs confidence in patients. In this instance the smart finish provided by a subtle embroidered logo would be usually offer a more appropriate choice.

When working in cooler outside conditions, warmer clothing such as hats or fleeces may be required. The textured woven finish of these garments prevents the inks or films used for printing from adhering to the surface, in this instance embroidery can be used to add your design.

Find out more about our customisation methods and with our screen printing, embroidery or digital printing  pages.

At T King Associates we fully understand that the budget will always play a part in deciding on your workwear clothing. Our team have extensive knowledge of our products and processes to help you achieve the best from your garments, whatever your budget.

If the garments are intended for short term use such as identifying staff at a corporate events or charity fundraiser, then low cost screen printed t-shirts or digitally printed polo shirts are a good choice.

However, it can also be more cost effective in the long run to invest in heavy duty clothing that will stand the test of time. For our clients in construction, catering and automotive industries, embroidered workwear is usually best suited.

As you can image, colour plays a large part in the print and embroidery processes.

If 100% exact Pantone colour matching is required then screen printing is recommended, with this method we use weighed quantities of ink to match your exact brand colour as provided.

When printing in low volumes we will most often use our CAD cut or Heat sensitive transfers. When we print in this way we use our printer specific colour chart to provide the closest match to your brand colour.

The embroidery process uses a series of pre made threads, of which we have hundreds to choose from to create your logo. If in doubt we are able send out a small embroidery swatch for you, (please allow additional production time to do so) As pantone colour references are designed for printing; however they are very useful in determining your thread colour option, allowing us to find a good match. Please be aware that our threads have a reflective surface and as such will catch the light differently to printed methods.

Brand Identity
Determine how you wish to present yourself to your clients and where you stand against competitors in your field; do you wish to appear funky and fun, professional and prestigious or completely unique?

Screen printing allows us to produce bright, bold and eye catching designs, favourable with fashion and retail, sports and charities.

Embroidery allows for a high quality, professional and smart finish. If your design is more classical, such as a crest, emblem or typographical logo, embroidery would be a smart choice.

You can view a range of printed and embroidered clothing within our portfolio sections on our screen printing, embroidery and digital printing process pages.

The final factor to take into account when ordering your workwear is time. The majority of orders placed here with us at T King Associates are produced in in ten working days. However, we have turned things around much faster, please let us know if you have a specific deadline in mind and we will see what we can do.

Please note that if your chosen items are not stock items or completely bespoke in construction, additional time may be required. If your design is particularly intricate or detailed further set up time may be required, this is because we take the time and care to ensure we achieve the best from your artwork and clothing rather than rushing orders out the door as fast as we can. We are happy to advise you and provide a no obligation quotation, just let us know.

Just give us a call on 01280 823846 or drop us an email on [email protected] and we will be happy to advise you.



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