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Leaving Hoodies

Leaving Hoodies
February 13, 2019 T King
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Whether you love school or not, everyone wants a token to remember their time there, such as leaving hoodies. A leaving hoodie is the perfect option!

First originated in the USA to enhance school spirit, the leavers hoodie is now a very common and trendy purchase within schools, colleges and universities. This is due to the increase of fabric screen printing in the 1980s and leaving hoodies are still growing in popularity 30 years later. Go to any school and they definitely have their own personalised hoodies! It is a nice way to show off a pupil’s achievements and can even be worn during school hours to promote the school. They are comfortable and fashionable – they can literally be worn anywhere! School, gym, travelling, sports or even to bed! Furthermore, if a happy group of children left a school and was wearing the hoodies, parents and students looking for a new school would instantly be intrigued and could look up the website. This is a kill two birds with one stone situation because the school gets the publicity and the students get the comfort!

A current debate is whether all schools should allow students to wear their own clothes. Wearing the leavers hoodie would be an easy way to be able to wear casual clothes but also benefit the school. Students claim that if they were to wear their own clothes to school then it would allow them to feel relaxed in the classroom and would therefore enhance their concentration. Better grades would be achieved as students are working to their full potential. A simple change can lead to better futures.

Depending on the website you buy it from, leaving hoodies range from about £7 to £25. The price could be affected by sizes and material quality. There are millions of websites so there will definitely be a hoodie to fit your needs! Once ordered they take about 2 to 4 weeks to receive – this is because they are commonly ordered in batches. The schools normally order the hoodies so a lot of them are needed. If the school does not order them then they usually send a link to parents to a website where the hoodies are ready to purchase. Either way the school normally ask the parents to pay or make a deposit.

Leaving hoodies can be in any size, colour and design that is desired; however, generally they are printed in school colours and have the year that students are leaving with the name of the students in the numbers. If it is to wear during school, then it normally has the school name on it. Websites have now expanded from leaving hoodies to leaving pyjamas, socks, hats and tops! Can you imagine what else there will be?!

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