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Printed T Shirt Design Trends for 2018

Printed T Shirt Design Trends for 2018
June 26, 2018 T King
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The Printed T Shirt has been around since the 19th century, and in 2018 numbers are going to increase. Below we have listed our pick of top T Shirt Design trends for 2018, so take a look!


Typographic designs have been widely used on t-shirts for many years and is expected to increase in 2018. Creative slogans and phrases can send out an effective message. When it comes to designing a Printed T Shirt, imagination is key. There are different types of typography that could be used, such as cropped, space and chaotic. Other techniques could be used alongside typography to make that tee really stand out.

Printed T Shirt


In 2018, Photography could make a big appearance printed T Shirts. We’re not talking regular images, we’re talking about big high-resolution photographs. With such an up-to-date printing process, now’s the time to get your most memorable moments onto your t shirts. Creating a personalised t shirt that includes a photograph would be the perfect gift for a family member on their birthday.


It’s no wonder that sports themed t shirts are featured on this list, with an incredible amount of sporting events coming up in 2018 including the World Cup and the Winter Olympics. This year you can expect more than just the average team or player name. Expect to see quotes, colours and fine detailed t shirts at the sporting events.

Holographic Glitch

The holographic glitch effect combines two effects, creating a surreal print effect along with a visual distortion of images. Become the centre of attention with a holo-glitch themed t shirt. The holographic glitch effect is predicted to make an appearance throughout 2018, which could be combined with photographs, typography and illustrations.

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