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Screen Printing Process on Clothing and Workwear


Screen printing is a print method that makes use of a ‘screen’ through which ink is pressed onto the surface of fabric. A screen is made by tightly stretching a fine mesh over a frame whilst ensuring tension across the surface. Varying grades of mesh are available, with the higher grades best suited to designs with a higher level of detail or intricacy. A stencil is then formed by masking areas of the screen within the negative image of the design to be printed, as such the open spaces will allow ink to come into contact with the surface of the fabric as required to print a design.

Historically known as silk screen printing due to the silk content within the mesh stencils, the process is perhaps most synonymous with the sixties pop art movement and the artwork created by Andy Warhol, famous for his prints of Marilyn Monroe and other icons of the time.

Today a more robust polyester fibre is commonly used and the process remains the industry standard for printing fabric in large volumes or at speed, with most commercial t-shirt printers making use of this method.

Designs with many solid colours can be printed by using multiple screens which align or ‘register’ with one another. These allow for the design to print in stages, colour by colour and we can mix your Pantone branding colours upon request.

A printed film showing positive impression of the image and a screen ready for printing

We can mix your pantone branding colours upon request.
Designs with more intricate designs or graduated colours can be produced with a CMYK printing method, allowing for higher and lower volumes of ink to overlay with one another, blending to form multiple colours and combinations, allowing for bright and accurate logo printing.

Commercially we use  the screen print processes for promotional T-Shirts, this is the most common area we supply screen print, a very typical order of these will consist of a single colour print onto a Fruit of the Loom brand T-shirt or Gildan T-shirt. These two brands are the bigger suppliers to screen printers in the UK.  T King Associates has in house design team and can interpret your project goals, design requirements and provide  a commercially workable and cost effective solution. The unique proposition from T King Associates is that we have the full process covered from inception to production and delivery all under one roof; offering the best value for money and highest service possible. You’re even welcome to come watch your screen print order being run!! Just ask!

T – Shirts Printed With the Screen Printing Process


  • Quality and durable print – We make use of robust plastisol ink will withstand multiple wear and washes.
  • Intense and vibrant print colours can be achieved.
  • Cost on design sizes – As screen printing is charged according to the numbers of colours within a piece of artwork we can usually print at a large size without additional costs.
  • Speed – Our automatic screen printing machine allows us to produce multiple garments at any one time unlike manual processes such as transfer printed which must be printed one at a time, as such the process is much faster.
  • Cost effective in higher numbers – For higher volume orders the initial set up costs of screen printing are offset by the time saved in printing larger batches. The process is subject to economies of scale as such unit costs decrease, please ask our sales team for more information or a quotation.


  • Set up costs – Screen printing set up costs are determined by the number of colours within a design, typically with one screen per colour within a piece of artwork. As such the process can become more expensive on designs with multiple colours or on orders of a smaller quantity.
  • Minimum order quantities – A screen printing run involved an initial outlay of set up time and as such a minimum order of 25 pieces applies. If you are looking for a smaller number of items, transfer printing can offer an affordable alternative.

We have over 25 years of experience in the industry and our friendly team are always on hand to offer advice on the best customisation method for your project. Just give us a call on 01280 824834 or send us an email to