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Banners & Signs

We provide a range of roller banners, eyelet banners and signs to suit your project.

Roller Banners

800mm x 2000mm with carry case

Roll up, roll up! Introducing our roller banners, aka pop up banners or pull up banners. Supplied individually boxed, including a premium quality carry bag. 800mm x 2000mm.  They are an invaluable tool for any exhibitor wishing to stand out and get noticed at a trade show or exhibition. They can also be used to make an impact within your shop alongside your point of sale material or to market your message within the office. Our banners have five main advantages:

Simple to Assemble

Pop up banners can be assembled in minutes – you simply pull the graphic panel from the base and support this with a pole sitting behind your design and that’s it, you’re ready to go.  When you are ready to take down your banner this is just as quick, simply removing the supporting pole and allow the banner to roll into the spring loaded base.


Roller banners are very lightweight and compact and if you are using them frequently at different exhibitions and shows then ensuring they can be transported easily will be a priority. All banner stands are supplied with a carry bag and will fit easily into your car or are lightweight enough to be carried by hand.

Easy to store

Roller banners take up very little precious space in your office or warehouse. The supporting pole can be folded down into the carry case – much like a tent pole only with more strength, with the banner graphics themselves stored within the base.

Space Saving

Space is money and it’s often hard to find, so roller banners can be used to make use of your unused vertical space rather than precious floor space, allowing you more room to market your product or sales drive.


Our roll up banners are extremely durable, your graphics are printed onto 400 mic heavy weight vinyl banner material that is scuff resistant and has a ‘stop light’ backing to ensure your design is presented with vibrant colour. A roller stand can be used time and time again – provided your message remains relevant and the graphics do not contain any date information.  This makes roller banners great value for money.

You can also check out our blog entry on How to Design your Roller Banner or view our Artwork Guide

To find out more or request a quotation, get in touch on 01280 824836 or drop us an email on info@tkingassociates.com

Eyelet Banners

Our eyelet banners are durable and long lasting, printed with full colour photographic quality. We only use top quality heavyweight banner material so they can be used either indoors or outdoors to suit your requirements.  They are perfect for promoting your event, showcasing your product or commemorating a special date such as an anniversary or birthday.

  • Made to size
  • Made with high quality inks and PVC banner material
  • Supplied hemmed with eyelets as standard
  • Water resistant, tear and scratch proof

High quality printing is carried out on our industry standard Roland printer.

To find out more or request a quotation, get in touch on 01280 824836 or drop us an email on info@tkingassociates.com

Street Flex Sign

Easy assembly pavement sign which requires no specialist tools.

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Can be printed in full colour to both sides