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Design Services

Here at T King Associates we are also able to provide an in house specialist design and art working service for your promotional goods or clothing project.

This may be as simple as ‘cleaning up’ a logo or design ready for the print or embroidery processes, or creating a bespoke design uniquely tailored to your latest campaign or event, we do it all.

You may have a design at hand but are unsure which colours of clothing will compliment individual elements of the artwork. Alternatively you may wish to visually highlight different departments within one cohesive company brand or to stand out at a charity fundraiser or networking event, we can help.

If you are delivering a wider campaign that includes a range of branded products, you will want to be sure that your message is consistent across all of the items within an order. Our design team are trained in noticing the small details that together make a big difference including maintaining colour across all platforms.

Cost is an important consideration when ordering promotional goods, particularly if there is likely to be an ongoing need for production in the future. This can be affected by a number of factors including not only the customisation method, but also lead time, the number of colours within a design, level of intricacy required and the final packaging or finish. At T King Associates we understand that successful design is not just about delivering out of the box solutions, but working within the constraints of commercial production methods and delivering the best solutions, whatever your budget.

For your peace of mind pre-production proofs are provided ahead of production, with amendments as required, we only ever hit ‘go’ once you give us the go ahead to do so.

You can view further examples of our designs within the portfolio areas of our screen print, embroidery and digital printing pages.

If you would like us to alter your existing design, we can accept a range of file formats for editing or producing your artwork, with certain file types better suited to individual processes. You can view our full artwork guide in our Tech Help and Downloads section.

together with a range of templates.

If you would like a design created from scratch, basic image files of any initial ideas are always helpful and can be sent to us via email on [email protected]


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