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The DO’s and DONT’S of Personalisation!!

The DO’s and DONT’S of Personalisation!!
March 21, 2019 T King
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Personalisation can be useful for gifts and for yourself. It gives everyday boring objects fun and life. However, sometimes the excitement of customising can go too far and the items turn out not how you planned it to.

Good quality pictures

There is nothing worse than looking at blurry and low quality photos. Having them all over your house would be even worse.

Use a clear and focused picture (even if it is not the one you generally wanted) because it will turn out the best in the long run. Low quality pictures just make the overall look of the object cheaper and distasteful.


Don’t go overboard with the customising of gifts and objects. At first it looks cool and original but soon it just looks like you have a lack of ideas and can look too overpowering. The same applies for each individual object.

Keep things simple – don’t try to fit lots of writing on things or make the design big and squished. Remember less is more!

Symbolises you

The whole point of customising everyday objects or gifts is so that it feels more personal and as though more thought and care has been put into it.

Choose artwork, colours, designs and even the objects themselves to your taste and comfort. It will fit right into your household as if it was meant to be!

Fits the decor

Don’t choose something that will stick out like a sore thumb!

Even if it is for a gift, don’t choose something that doesn’t go with the theme or overall look of the house. It looks like you have bought something for the sake of it and money would have just been wasted.

Appropriate object

Some things you really just do not need to personalise. With infinite amounts of customisable potential, make sure you choose the very best for you. Cushions, keyrings, jewellery, notebooks.

If they aren’t ever going to be used, then what’s the point in buying them?

Select things that will actually make a difference in your life or someone else’s.

It’s great to see something purposely made for you, but sometimes certain things are just too much or just not necessary.

Maybe choose something that will fit in nicely with hobbies or interests – for example, if you enjoy your coffee and drinks, maybe look into buying a universal tumbler! Being useful anyway because of it’s mobility, easy grip and for keeping drinks at the right temperature. Having a design chosen by you will be make the tumbler even better!

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