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Trade shows and exhibitions ideas

Trade shows and exhibitions ideas
December 17, 2018 T King
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A trade show is an exhibition where companies go to showcase their latest services and products to people who may be interested. With trade shows being an excellent place to gain potential customers, they also play a major role in growing your business. Success from trade shows isn’t something that just happens, in fact the most successful have done a lot of planning beforehand. Before you start, it’s important to know that planning a strategy will minimise risks of failure, so let’s get started!


Promotional items

A great way to promote your business at trade shows and attract potential customers is to give away free items. We don’t mean expensive things, just niche products that show off your business! You may be thinking, what products should I give away? Take a look below for some of our top recommendations:

Reusable water bottles

Company branded water bottles are great to give away at trade shows and exhibitions because they are widely used and are taken out and about. With your company logo and details on the side it’s sure to be seen by many!


You’ve probably seen these before! High quality stationery promoting a company is an original idea that works. Remember, it’s all about creating familiarity and raising awareness. Pens and pencils seem to be an increasingly popular choice, as they’re handy to be kept.


Adding your logo onto a lanyard and handing these out to people that go by will significantly raise awareness for your company. Think of it as the more people they pass while wearing it, that’s another person that’s seen your branding.


One of the cheapest methods to make an impression at trade shows are balloons. Put your bright company colours, services, contact details and inspirational quotes on them.

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