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Universal Tumblers – Why they should be your next purchase!

Universal Tumblers – Why they should be your next purchase!
February 13, 2019 T King
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Universal tumblers are an easy and reliable way to store drinks. They can be taken anywhere: the bus, work, indoors, outdoors. Basically, they are useful for any occasion! We all go through times where we leave our coffee for what feels like 30 seconds to get back and find it cold – it is the most annoying feeling. A universal tumbler keeps cold drinks cool and warm drinks hot so you will never have to go through the trouble again!

You can purchase universal tumblers for around £2. They can come in lots of different styles and colours and can even be customized. It feels more personal when there is something printed on it, especially as it is probably by your side a lot. It could be an animal, a football team or maybe a quote from your favourite programme. It’s up to you! But don’t worry, the print is high quality, so it won’t rub off after being in contact with water once!

You are probably thinking what is the difference between a universal tumbler and a mug? Why should I buy a tumbler when I have a million mugs at home? Well, tumblers are versatile, re-usable, durable, lightweight, have a secure cap (no spills!) and can be microwaved or put in a dishwasher. It is also made from a strong material so it will not smash if it is dropped. All those clumsy people reading, this is for you!

Sounds good right? I think we all need a universal tumbler – it will make life just a whole lot simpler. And I’m not saying throw away all of your mugs either, I just think a universal tumbler would be a good addition to your collection!

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